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[Graphics & Vision]

︎ Finding Points in 3D Camera Coordinates from Points on Image Plane

︎ Camera Structure 

︎ Sampling

︎ Properties of Projection Matrix

︎ Hierarchy of Transformation

︎ Absolute Conic

︎ Matting Laplacian

[Numerical Analysis & Applied Mathematics]

︎ Errors

︎ Positive Definiteness

︎ Some Facts about Eigenvalues

︎ Determinant

︎ Rank Theorem

︎ Singularity

︎ Geometrical Meaning About the Gradient

︎ Norms

︎ Condition Number

︎ Floating-Point Number

︎ Floating-Point Arithmetic

︎ Euler-Lagrange Equation

︎ Small Residuals Do Not Imply Small Errors

︎ Normal Equations

︎ Nonlinear Least Squares

︎ Maximum of Variance

︎ Probability and Likelihood